Haruna Video Player is a Linux video player, based on Qt, a front-end to mpv, along with the ability to use youtube-dl. Plenty of open-source video players are basically the GUI front end for mpv.

You can easily play local media files as well as YouTube content.

Here's what the Haruna video player "can":

  • Ability to play YouTube videos directly using the URL
  • Support playlists and you will be able to control them easily
  • Ability to automatically jump based on subtitle words.
  • Control playback speed
  • Change the playback format (audio / video) using youtube-dl
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts
  • Easily take a screenshot of the video
  • Option to add primary and secondary subtitles
  • Change the screenshot file format
  • Hardware decoding accepted
  • Color adjustments to improve the quality of what you watch
  • Ability to change mouse and keyboard shortcuts so you can quickly navigate and do what you want
  • Change the user interface (fonts, theme)

You can only install Haruna Video Player using Flatpak (unfortunately).

flatpak install flathub com.georgefb.haruna
flatpak run com.georgefb.haruna

Source: github.com

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