Redcore Linux Hardened 2101 (Orion) is now in Beta, and according to the developer, it would be the first Beta version since Redcore Linux existed.

Modifications (since 2004 Neptune):

  • resynchronized with Gentoo (08.01.2021)
  • distribution rebuilt from scratch using new Gentoo profiles
  • linux kernel 5.10.5 LTS, GCC 10.2.0, Glibc 2.32, binutils 2.35, LLVM 11.0.1
  • graphic hold: table 20.3.2, libdrm 2.4.103, xorg-server 1.20.10
  • qt 5.15.2, kde-frameworks 5.77, kde-apps 20.12.1, kde-plasma 5.20.5
  • the sisyphus backend (package manager) has been split into many smaller modules so that new functions can be added more easily in the future
  • the CLI frontend of sisyphus has been completely rewritten
  • the live session will no longer require a username and password, it will start directly on the desktop environment (plasma on X11)
  • the live session no longer crashes randomly
  • adjusted apparmor profiles, samba works again
  • flatpak support in the box, (you need to activate Flathub in Discover)
  • many other updates and fixes

Known issues:

  • although the live user does not have the password, just pressing the Enter key will not unlock the session if the screen lock has started (works well on the system installed with a password)
  • Firefox will not play videos from YouTube (first seen in alpha, still looking for the root cause ... other browsers work fine).


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