JingOS v0.6 is a preview version, which is not stable and has no functions. If you are looking for a stable version that can be used daily, expect v0.8 in March.

JingOS v0.6 features include:

JingOS desktop, lock screen,

Control center (without the Wifi list to choose from, you must enter your wifi name and password to log in),

Notification Center,

KDE App Store Linux tablet applications created for JingOS, including Photos, Voice memos, Media Player, Calendar, Computer Touchpad gestures and screen gestures on SP6 and HM14 World-class single instance Touch-optimized SP6-enabled driver

The functions that will be accepted by v0.7 and v0.8, which will be launched in the next 2 months, include:

JingOS Application Store OTA Service Dozens of new JDEOS style controllers based on KDE Plasma Mobile Improve compatibility of Linux desktop applications JingOS Virtual Keyboard, System Settings, File Manager etc.

Cititi mai multe stiri/noutati despre JingOS aici ... Source: jingos.com

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