Compared to other open-source raw editing applications, such as RawTherapee or Darktable, CarVac (Filmulator Creator) states that the application knows how to manage files more.

The camcorder gives priority to ease of use and simplified operation. It is not intended to add new features such as layers or masking, as it would contradict the creation of a simple raw editor.

The camcorder accepts raw files from the cameras and simulates the development of the film as if it were exposed to the same light as the camera sensor.

  • Large light regions become darker, compressing the dynamic output range.
  • Small light regions and darker surroundings, increasing local contrast.
  • In bright regions, saturation is improved, helping to preserve the color of the bright sky, brighter skin tones and sunsets.
  • In highly saturated regions, the brightness is dimmed, helping to preserve detail.

Versions for Linux and Windows are available, but MacOS versions are not available at this time.


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