Mabox, a distribution based on Manjaro and slightly preconfigured Openbox that works excellently even on weaker computers.

Mabox 21.02 Foltest is equipped with the latest 5.10 LTS kernel , of course, you can easily install other kernels and decide which one to run at boot time.

The installer offers the option to choose free or proprietary drivers at startup, (select the free or non-free option).

This release includes a number of fixes, new / updated packages and new features.

  • Menu / Side panels many improvements: gradients, configurable position of side panels, lining, edges, submenu spacing, rounded corners, edge
  • Tint2 panel - now it is very easy to add launchers to the panel
  • Tint2 panel optional mini HW monitor for system -
  • [FIXED] Conky displays a wrong memory usage error
  • mb-reset - help command for resetting / updating configuration files
  • jgbrowser pipemenu - now count directions and files, hidden file switching added
  • SSH connections - pipemenu - analysis ~ / .ssh / config
  • Sys Info pipemenu - click-actions added where they make sense (kernel, packages, resolution). jgbrowser added to mountpoints.


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