Actualizari in acest release:

linux 5.11.2.arch1-1 (linux kernel)
pamac-aur 10.0.4-1 (package installer)
surfn-icons-git 19.12-1 (icon set)
archman-settings -manager 0.5.5-7 (archman settings management)
archman-example-files 20210118-1 (archman sample file types)
archman-wallpapers 20200727-1 (archman archaplan images )
archman-xfce-settings 20210118-2 (Archman Xfce default settings)
Qogir-light-theme 20200209-1 (Integration and window decoration improvements: tulliana)
calamares (system installer)
firefox 86.0-2 (web browser)
Xfce4 4.16 Stable Version (desktop manager)

i3wm 4.19.2-1 Stable Version (desktop manager)
libreoffice-still 7.0.4-1 (office applications)
gimp 2.10.22-1 (image editor)
inkscape 1.0.2-3 (vector editor)
yay 10.1.2-2 (AUR repository package build script)
Calamares slides ( Tulliana - Archman core developer and artwork (slides are all in .svg format)
Archman Backgrounds (tulliana-inkscape works)
Latest drivers
Unsupported drivers - Updated
AUR repositories by default YAY is used as the compilation script
Multilib repositories are enabled by default.

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