NomadBSD is for those who don't know, a persistent live system for USB flash drives, based on FreeBSD, which can be used as a desktop system that works immediately, but can also be used for data recovery, for educational purposes or to test compatibility. FreeBSD hardware.

NomadBSD 1.4 is now available, along with the following changes from 1.3.2

  • The base system has been updated to FreeBSD 12.2-p4.
  • The installer has been improved.
    • The problems related to booting the system installed through UEFI have been solved.
    • The appropriate graphics card driver will now be installed and configured, instead of using automatic detection on the installed system.
  • Automatic detection of graphics drivers has been improved
    • The menu has been deleted.
    • If a better graphics driver could not be found, use VESA or SCFB.
    • Automatic detection will now run only if the system configuration has changed since the last successful detection.
    • Automatic detection can be disabled through the load menu in case there is a problem.
  • Touchpad support has been improved
    • If Xorg reports a problem with the touchpad, it kern.evdev.rcpt_maskis automatically adjusted to use sysmouse.
    • The DSBXinput tool has been added, which allows easy configuration of touchpads and mice.
  • An rc script has been added to save a restore to display brightness.
  • A graphical interface has been added for easy installation of the Linux Chrome, Brave and Vivaldi browser. They allow the use of streaming services such as Netflix , Prime Video or Spotify .
  • Added support for selecting other window managers or desktop environments by clicking on the graphical connection manager (SLiM).
  • wifimgr was replaced by NetworkMgr.
  • The autostart application subsystem used by NomadBSD now conforms to the XDG autostart specifications.
  • The partition that uses the remaining space is now mounted below /data.
  • /compat, /var/tmp, /var/db, And /usr/portsnow I'm nullfs mount points for their counterparts in the /dataso users do not have to create symbolic links to those folders.
  • Bad news for i386 users: Because drm-legacy-kmod is now obsolete, there is no i386 support for accelerated graphics for Intel and ATI / AMD cards anymore.

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