Flow uses multithreading technology for page layout, rendering HTML elements directly on the GPU - it dramatically improves rendering performance and helps keep the processor free for faster execution of JavaScript code.

Its performance increases automatically as the number of CPU and GPU cores increases.

Flow browser is developed for Android, macOS, Linux and Windows. Flow incorporates troubleshooting tools and Selenium WebDriver testing assistance.

Flow integrates with the platform's media player and includes a GStreamer integration sample. NPAPI plugin support provides integration with custom platform features.


100% playback on GPU , Plays pages faster using less memory

HTML and CSS3: CSS animations and transitions, CSS Transforms (2D and 3D), Flexbox CSS, Bidirectional text layout

Graphics : Web, Canvas, SVG and WebGL fonts

Media : HTML5 audio and video tags

Scripting and storage : ECMAScript with JIT (SpiderMonkey), Web storage, Web SQL

NPAPI plug-in : Available for a wide variety of platforms, including Linux, Android and Windows, Flexible integration, including STB and OpenGL ES provider APIs, SDKs include ports for example

Resource requirements : Smooth animations from a GPU compatible processor with only 1K DIMPS

Content development : Built-in content analysis and debugging tools, Linux, macOS and Android desktop computers for off-target content development

Flow is now available for download only for Raspberry Pi.

Flow can be executed by double-clicking or from the terminal by running the Flow executable:


Keyboard shortcuts: alt-left Back Page (also ctrl- [), alt-right Forward Page (also ctrl-]), ctrl-R Reload Page, ctrl-shift-H Home page

Source: ekioh.com

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