Parrot OS is a continuous release distribution, and updates are available in repo as soon as they are stable and reliable. Some details about this 4.11 update:

- Debian is in the "freezing of features" state to prepare for the new stable release.

- Linux 5.10 is the default kernel of this new version of Parrot, with better hardware support for very recent hardware.

- Tool metapackages have been revised to provide cleaner metapackages, updated tools and a more consistent repository.

- Some tools used to escalate local Linux privileges were a security threat, so they were disabled (xspy is no longer an executable file in / usr / bin).

- XFCE has been updated with several improvements and fixes.

- Metasploit was updated on 6.0.36

- Bettercap has finally been updated to 2.29, and 2.30 will come very soon.

- The pump was repaired by the Parrot team to properly manage the services and to use the new wpvulndb server.

- Routersploit has been updated to make it work with python 3.9.

- Xspy has been fixed so that it is not executable on the host system.

- Support for Fish and Zsh is now available, including the latest zsh-autofill version.

- VSCodium, the open-source binary distribution of VSCode with telemetry removed at the source level, is still the default development tool and has been updated to the latest version (1.54).

- Geany (with some Parrot customizations) is also pre-installed for those running on less powerful hardware.

- Parrot now comes with Python 3.9. Python 2 is finally deprecated, and / usr / bin / python now points to / usr / bin / python3 by default.

- Parrot also includes Go 1.15, and Go 1.16 will come very soon.

- The default Gcc version is 10.2.1.

- Additional metapackages for developers will be coming soon.

You can update an existing system through APT using one of the following commands:

sudo parrot-upgrade


sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

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