FreeBSD 13.0, is the first version of the stable branch 13. Some of the most important updates:

- The clang, lld and lldb utilities and the compiler-rt, llvm, libunwind and libc ++ libraries have been updated to version 11.0.1.

- The obsolete version of the GNU debugger that was installed in / usr / libexec for use by crashinfo (8) has been removed.

- Detailed kernel lock information can be obtained by installing modern GDB from ports or packages.

- The obsolete binoculars 2.17 and gcc (1) 4.2.1 have been removed from the tree. All supported architectures now use the LLVM / clang tool chain.

- The BSD version of grep (1) is now installed by default. The deprecated GNU version that was previously the default has been removed.

- The CU-SeeMe holder has been removed from the libals (3). The qat driver (4) has been added, supporting some of the cryptographic acceleration features of the Intel QuickAssist (QAT).

- The qat driver (4) supports QAT devices integrated with the Atom C2000 and C3000 and Xeon C620 and D-1500 platforms, as well as the Intel QAT 8950 adapter.

- Several obsolete drivers have been removed.

- Several drivers have been ported to the PowerPC64 architecture.

- The kernel now supports the framing and in-kernel encryption of Transport Layer Security (TLS) data on TCP sockets for TLS versions 1.0 to 1.3.

- Downloading via kernel encryption drivers is supported for MtE encryption kits using AES-CBC, as well as for AEAD encryption kits using AES-GCM.

- Downloading through kernel encryption drivers is supported for AES-GCM encryption suites for TLS 1.2.

- Using KTLS requires the use of an SSL library for KTLS users.

- The OpenSSL library included in the base system does not activate KTLS support by default, but the support can be activated by building with the option WITH_OPENSSL_KTLS

- The 64-bit ARM architecture known as arm64 or AArch64 is promoted to Tier-1 for FreeBSD 13.

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