EasyOS "Buster series" is built with DEB packages from Debian Buster 10.x. Some of the most important news of the version:

- Almost all packages are compiled in OpenEmbedded, except for a few large and hard-to-cross packages, such as LibreOffice and SeaMonkey - these were compiled in EasyOS 2.7.

- LibreOffice and SeaMonkey are the latest versions, and 2.53.7.

- Network management has been improved with ModemManager, for which the NetworkManager application and ModemManage GUI are front-ends.

- The NetworkManager applet is a system icon, and the ModemManager GUI is in the "Network" menu.

- The Linux kernel is 5.10.26.

- Some significant bug fixes since the previous release of EasyOS, including a faster launch of a Linux distribution desktop in a container (without wallpaper corruption), Osmo stability and XorgWizard, which previously caused X not to start.

EasyOS is released as an image file, which you would normally write to a USB Flash stick and which will automatically resize to fill the drive on first boot. Or, it may be installed directly on a hard drive, without even starting from a USB stick first.

There are versions for English, French, German and Norwegian (both nb and nn), which are completely translated ready to use.

Cititi mai multe stiri/noutati despre EasyOS aici ... Source: bkhome.org

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