Zorin OS 16 has been refreshed with a new, more polished default theme. They also introduced new artwork and desktop wallpapers, a dynamic wallpaper that changes with the time of day.

Several applications are now available from the Zorin OS 16 software store. This is due to the addition of the Flathub repository to the Zorin operating system. Applications and games from many independent developers, as well as direct software from big names such as Spotify, Zoom and Mojang.

Now Zorin OS comes preloaded with Flathub's application catalogs, Snap store and Ubuntu and Zorin OS APT repositories, as well as the ability to install .deb & AppImage packages and Windows applications (optional using WINE). Thanks to this, Zorin OS 16 has the largest library of applications available for all Open Source desktops.

The built-in software store has also received many optimizations under the hood, as well as user interface improvements to make it even easier to find and install applications from various sources. If an application is available from multiple sources (such as Flathub and the Snap store), you can choose another source from the "Source" menu on the application listing page.

When you first sign in, the Tour will walk you through the basics of using and personalizing your desktop, connecting your online accounts, connecting your phone to your computer using Zorin Connect, and installing the software you need to work and play. .

Zorin OS 16 introduces multi-touch touchpad gestures, activated from the box. You can now switch between workspaces with 1: 1 fluid motion by sliding 4 fingers up or down. Put 3 fingers on the touchpad to open the overview of activities and instantly see each application running on workspaces.

The new Sound Recorder application offers an easy way to record sound and voice and play them. The Sound Recorder application adapts to the workflow and makes audio recording easy.

The Zorin OS 16 desktop is now more customizable than ever, thanks to the new settings for the taskbar and panel. Simply right-click on the taskbar to access the taskbar settings.

A new desktop in Zorin Appearance, which resembles the default interface of Windows 10X. The Windows 10X desktop look will be available as an option in Zorin OS 16 Ultimate, which will be released with the initial stable release of Zorin OS 16 this summer.

Other improvements

Fractional scaling for high-resolution displays
Easy-to-access star files Files
Better fingerprint reader support with easier setup
Unread message badges and progress bars in taskbar icons
Display a QR code to connect with easily the devices at the computer's Wi-Fi hotspot The
Settings app now has a refreshed look, which is easier to navigate
Easily create application folders in the application grid by dragging applications over each other macOS and Ubuntu) We
moved to the new Photos application for easier photo management
Disabled tracking and telemetry built into Firefox for web browsing still respects privacy
Flicker-free startup experience (on supported hardware)
Improved support for newer hardware
Based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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