Solus OS - Budgie 10.5.3, GNOME 40 and Qt5 patches for KDE

Budgie 10.5.3

Budgie 10.5.3 is a minor release that introduces bug fixes, various enhancements and support for the GNOME 40 stack. GNOME 40 has introduced various changes to Mutter, gsettings-desktop-schemas and gnome-shell that have affected the ability to use Budgie a GNOME 40 stack or GDM (GNOME connection manager that uses gnome-shell).

Budgie 10.5.3 also introduces fixes for applets on the Budgie, Raven panel and various window status tracking.


Once synchronized with the stable repository, they will release the GNOME 40 stack. This stack update introduces the latest updates to the GNOME Shell, GNOME desktop environment, and applications, libraries, and window manager.

As always during a GNOME upgrade, if you use GNOME Shell, be sure to disable any extensions not supported by Solus to ensure the best possible upgrade experience.

Plasma 5.21.4

KDE Frameworks has been updated to 5.81.0.

Plasma has been updated to 5.21.4.

Our postgresql has been updated to 13.2

Qt 5.13.5 KDE

The launch and synchronization with the stable deposit will be available on April 30, 2021.



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