Lakka 3.0 includes the latest version of RetroArch, which is currently 1.9.3, updates to all supported kernels, plus new kernels added. We recommend that you do a "clean" installation to avoid any incompatibility issues, as significant changes have been made to the underlying operating system and RetroArch. The boot partition size has been increased to 2 GB, which is not compatible with previous installations.

Points in this release include:

LibreELEC-based operating system 9.2
Vulkan API enabled for AMD and Intel GPUs (generic) and Raspberry Pi 4
Support for RetroArch
joycons updated to 1.9.3

Screensaver (Settings -> User Interface)
Set the time zone directly in RetroArch (Settings -> Services)
Menu for pairing bluetooth devices
Better search in playlists (search term now filters entries instead of first match)
Option to automatically activate how "focus game" running / resume content
Explore - search all content on your playlists based on various criteria, such as developer, publisher, genre, system, year ...
Animations content Loaded
Pulldown easy to remap inputs
Many menu and widget improvements
Fixed Wi-Fi menu (displays longer access points with longer names correctly)
Performance menu to adjust the CPU governor

Cores updated to the latest versions
Support for new devices / architecture:

64-bit images for Raspberry Pi 4 (no 32-bit
release ) Odroid Go Advance / Anbernic RG351P / M and V / Gameforce Chi
Nintendo Switch (instructions)
iMX6 with main kernel and MESA

We booklet cores:

Genesis Plus-GX Wide (SEGA Genesis / MegaDrive enabled widescreen)
Stella (upstream Atari 2600 VCS emulator port)
Supafaust (SNES emulator optimized for multicore ARM platforms)
Swanstation (aka Duckstation, PSX emulator)
LowRes NX (Retrog console which can be programmed in BASIC)
Mu (PalmOS emulator)
Opera (4DO / FreeDO emulator fork)

The Lakka team is preparing for the next major release, which will be based on LibreELEC 10. As in this release, there may be no support for certain devices.


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