Nitrux 1.4.1 brings together the latest software updates, bug fixes and performance improvements. Here are the most important changes:

- Updated KDE Plasma to version 5.21.5, KDE Frameworks to version 5.82.0, KDE Gear to version 21.04.1.
- Added Plasma System Monitor replacing Ksysguard.

- Plasma system monitor 5.21.5.

- Added Heroic Games Launcher (AppImage) to the default selection of graphics applications. Heroic is an open source game launcher for Linux. Right now, accept the launch of games from the Epic Game Store using Legendary, a Linux CLI alternative for launching epic games. Heroic Games Launcher 1.7.0.

- Added pacstall to the default selection of CLI applications. Pacstall will try to become the GOLD that Ubuntu wants. GOLD is needed and it spins, making it easier to install programs without going through GitHub repositories and likes.
- Updated Kdenlive to version 21.04.1

- Updated LibreOffice to version 7.1.3.
- Updated Firefox to version 88.0.1.
- Updated Inkscape to version 1.1.

- Updated the general presentation of Parachutes and plasma-hud to newer versions (added for the first time in versions 1.2.9 and 1.3.4, respectively).

- Removed mksh from the distribution because it was not used and changed the link from / bin / sh to point to Bash instead of mksh because it causes problems with different upstream packages.
- Updated minimum ISO on the same basis as the main version.

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