Rocky Linux 8.4 is coming soon

The Rocky Linux team: ... we saw Red Hat launching RHEL 8.4 on May 18th and we are very excited about preparing our 8.4 release candidate. As soon as it is ready and the testing is completed, we anticipate that we will be able to announce the general availability of Rocky Linux 8.4 for production. Be aware of the candidate's announcement for version 8.4, which should appear soon.

As we get rid of bugs, build packages and troubleshoot, you may find that this update is easier than others.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 comes about six months after RHEL 8.3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 brings newer versions of Buildah, Podman, Runc, Skopeo, GCC 10, Go 1.15. 7, LLVM 11, MariaDB 10.5, PostgreSQL 13, Python 3.9, Redis 6 and Rust 1.49.



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