ALT Linux 9.1 Simply - compatible with Baikal-M processors, Linux 5.10

The new version of the system has a beautiful interface, can work on computers with processors of different architectures, offers users the latest software versions - from the Linux 5.10 kernel to new high quality applications.

Changes in ALT Linux 9.1 Simply

- Supports x86 platform - Intel and AMD 32-bit and 64-bit processors.

- Compatible with aarch64 - 64-bit ARMv8 compatible processors (including "Edelweiss" monobloc and home TF307-MB-SD cards with firmware from SDK-M 4.4 from "Baikal Electronics", with support for Panfrost driver).

- Supports Raspberry Pi4 and Raspberry Pi 3. The operating system runs on armv7a - 32-bit ARMv7a processors, mipsel - 32-bit MIPS processors.

For installation on any computer, the consumer uses a universal bootloader for all architectures in UEFI mode. By default, the user is offered the Linux 5.10 kernel (4.9 for Nvidia Jetson Nano, 4.4 for Elvees MCom-02 (Salyut-EL24PM2)), which expands the list of used equipment.

Simply Linux 9.1 compatibility with "Baikal-M" internal processors. This processor is designed for lit workstations and officially refers to industrial products made in Russia. We are working to create an applied software ecosystem for Baikal-M.

The Simply Linux 9.1 distribution includes new versions of application programs:

- LibreOffice 7.0 office suite;
- Chromium 89 web browser for x86, Firefox ESR 78.10.0 for other architectures;
- environment for launching applications on Win32 API - WINE 5.20 (only for x86);
- graphic editor - GIMP 2.10;
- Inkscape 1.0 vector graphics editor;
- Thunderbird 78.8 mail client;
- Audacious audio player 3.10;
- Pidgin 2.13 instant messaging program;
- VLC0.11.1 video player (celluloid 0.18 for aarch64 and mipsel).

If the necessary software is not in the distribution kit, you can install it quickly and for free from the warehouse. The user enters it through the appropriate menu, selects the necessary software, downloads it to his computer and uses it without restrictions.



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