MakuluLinux Flash 2021, is a traditional / retro Linux, which focuses on ease of use, comfort, stability, beauty and speed! Built on Debian Hybrid 2021 and Gnome Framework, Flash 2021 is fast and modern, but retains a very traditional / retro desktop look.

At first glance, the desktop looks very modern, offering a lot of transparency, beautiful wallpapers and some interesting menu options plus it has a variety of icon sets and selection of themes that you simply will not find anywhere.

The new Debian 2021 hybrid base has been specially designed to improve Makulu's distribution, namely LinDoz, Flash and Core. Flash now also supports Windows (Wine) applications right out of the box. Now you can simply double-click an exe or msi file as you would in Windows and run it. Flatpak and SnapD are also fully supported and implemented.

Using the Gnome Framework backend also removes features such as screen / file sharing, access to online accounts such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft directly. Also, touch functions have been implemented, Makulu Flash now fully supports touch screen devices, such as tablets with full-screen gesture support, out of the box.

Characteristics :

- Base: MakuluLinux 2021 Debian Hybrid Base

- Desktop environment: Gnome Kernel: 5.10.xx

- Architecture: 64Bit

- Current construction date: 2021-06-29

- Huge selection of themes, wallpapers and icon sets

- Driver support

- RAM requirements: 2 GB + recommended

- Space requirements: 10 GB recommended

Important things to know:

- 3D themes and options can be accessed on the desktop, simply right click on the desktop and select themes from the context menu.

- Wallpaper options can be accessed on the desktop, simply right-click on the desktop and select Wallpapers from the context menu.

- Desktop options can be accessed on the desktop, simply right-click on the desktop and select Desktop Clock from the context menu.

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