Tumix GNU / Linux - a free software distribution developed in Peru, which includes the Linux 2.6.10 kernel and is based on the Slackware distribution (the first Linux distribution), KDE desktop and a large amount of academic software, office automation, multimedia and networking, the current version is 0.9, released on June 15, 2005. TumiX GNU / Linux is distributed under the GNU GPL license.

TumiX GNU / Linux, starts and works from a CD, therefore you can use TumiX GNU / Linux from anywhere you want, home, university, school, office. This allows the user to use this distribution on the computer in a transparent way and does not have to configure and install GNU / LinuX, but only to use it.

TumiX is a combination of words and meanings, between Tumi (Ritual Sacrifice Knife, used in Chimú Peru culture) and the "X" end of the X windows system (X is responsible for displaying graphical information and is completely independent of the operating system) uses Linux and UNIX, TumiX was born in Tacna Peru (a city in southern Peru), but sees the Light for the first time in Piura Peru (a city in northern Peru, where the Chimu Culture was developed)

Tumix GNU / Linux was born to promote the use and development of free software in Peru, from a constructivist perspective to promote research, innovation and development around free software. It is an initiative of the Peruvian free software community (softwarelibre.org.pe), an organization that promotes and disseminates free software in Peru and Latin America.

TumiX is freely used, freely distributed and licensed under the GPL.

Version 0.9 Tumix GNU / Linux (latest version 2008 )

- Based on Slackware 10.1

- Kernel 2.6.10

- Support for ALSA sound drivers

- madwifi drivers for WIFI X cards Windows version 6.8.2 of the system ((X11R6.8.2)

- KDE 3.4

- Desktop in Spanish with multimedia applications

- Gnome 2.6 Firefox 1.0.4

- Images with Peruvian motifs

The basic team of the tumiX GNU / Linux project

- Daniel Alejandro Yucra Sotomayor - Tacna (Developer and Project Manager)

- Julio Elmer Sotomayor Abarca - Puno (Developer, analysis and project tester)

- Tomas Matejicek - Netherlands (main Slax developer and main project advisor tumiX)

- Gladys Casas Vargas - Tacna (Design of the TumiX logo, Design of the TumiX portal, Public relations of the tumiX project)

- Javier Condori - Puno (developer and head of the tumiX portal)

- Oscar Javier Gomez Estalla - Tacna (TumiX Art, Polo Design, banner)

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