T2 SDE Linux 21.7 - an intermediate update to deliver full support for the new 64-bit 64-bit HiFive SiHive Unmatched RISC-V 64-bit quad-core board, as well as a reference for further refined smart optimizations for 32-bit and 64-bit x86.

Of course, all other architectures, including: alpha, arm, arm64, hppa, ia64, m68k, mips64, mipsel, ppc, ppc64-32, ppc64le, riscv, riscv64, s390x, sparc64, superh, x86 and x86-64 can launch continuously updated by the construction system.

Version 21.7 received updates on all levels, with the latest Linux 5.13.1 kernel, as well as a major GCC 11 C ++ bug fix.

There have been 305 sets of changes detected by the AI ??data bot "Data", which contributes more revisions than human developers: Data: 164, people: 141!

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