Spyware is malware that refers to a malicious program or malicious code, the purpose of which is to enter a computer or device and damage it, all without the permission of its owner. If you thought that only social networks would use your personal data to the limit of the law ....

For experts, malware refers to software that is annoying or intrusive, also considered a computer virus. Software is considered of this type, depending on the damage it causes to your computer, including under this term different types of viruses such as trojans, worms, spyware, rootkits, among others.

Spyware takes information from a computer and then sends it to an external device without the consent of the owner. The name spyware also refers to products that perform various actions, such as those responsible for displaying unsolicited advertisements, redirecting page requests, retrieving private information and even installing bookmarks on mobile phones. Spyware is characterized by self-installation in the system, which runs every time the computer is turned on, using the processor and RAM, causing instability.

In addition, it takes control of the data and displays advertisements. It differs from viruses in that it does not seek to multiply on other devices, so as to have a parasitic function, causing deficiencies in system performance. Among the most popular spyware we have the following:

- Cool Web Search , which fully controls the Internet browser, connects the home page of the person who controls the program.

- Gator or Gain , works by opening pop-up windows, displaying ads in the browser, based on the preferences of anyone who uses it. It is hosted in silence when you install free applications.

- Internet Optimizer allows authors to retrieve pages that have browser errors, redirecting the user to those under their control.

- Puriti Scan , is an application downloaded voluntarily, which seems to delete pornographic images from the hard disk, but works by completing the browser with advertising.

There is also spyware for smartphones, here are a few:

- mSpy , designed for parental control on Android and iPhone devices, offering tracking options and various functions, such as: Call monitoring, spy on messages, track locations using GPS, view all photos and videos taken with the phone, among others.

- Flexi SPY , designed for iPhone and iPad, records activities, such as calls, messages, social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype), viewing visited web pages, among others.

- Highster, created for Android devices, allows monitoring WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, emails. In addition to GPS tracking, it starts the camera making captures that will be sent to the spy, tracks calls, recordings, contacts, multimedia content, etc.

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