EuroLinux 8.3, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 source code

Version 8.3 is based directly on Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code, which ensures compatibility with this system. EuroLinux 8.3 introduces a number of significant improvements over version 7. New key features (such as module streams) and distinct features have been added in the form of the ability to rebuild the system from source or 1 to 1 RPM packet compatibility RHEL system.

EuroLinux technological advantages and distinctive features
- Open Core

- Modernized software sharing model. Since version 8.3, EuroLinux is available both as a paid subscription and free in the Open Core model. The advantage of such a solution is to offer as much value as possible to users and communities. It is a modern, transparent and responsible business model.

- From version 8.3, each EuroLinux and EuroLinux container user receives a complete system with updates released at the same time for both paid and free users.

- The paid version of the system also offers:

direct support of the manufacturer
access to error files
access to additional intermediate packages (if the support service requires it)
impact on product development.

- Full stack - all system versions

- EuroLinux is available and accepted in versions 8.x, 7.x and 6.x. As a result, it can be used as the only system in the organization's ecosystem.

- The latest supported versions of EuroLinux are:

8.3 fully accepted
system 7.9 fully accepted
system 6.10 the system is accepted by EuroES (Extended support - individual subscription).

EuroLinux is an enterprise-class Linux operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code. It is therefore functionally compatible with RHEL, Oracle Linux, CentOS Linux, and Scientific Linux.



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