The coordinator of the launch of the Haiku Project for the launch of R1 / Beta3, kallisti5, has decided to return to the launch of R1 / Beta3 by one week. The Beta3 version introduces an important update for the Haiku WebKit, which later produces some playback regressions.

While some of the bugs have already been fixed in Haiku WebKit this week, there remains one final error, which involves a problem with the text disappearing.

Due to the progress made by the developers who worked on WebKit and WebPositive in the last week, the version was pushed by a week to give them extra time to fix the problem.

Haiku WebKit updates may be released after launch, however it is a priority of the Haiku Project to ensure that the Haiku browsing experience is as good as possible, especially given that web browsers are an important part of any operating system. and that WebPositive is a major point of interest for reviewers.

R1 / beta3 Timeline

DONE 13 June - 20 June: one week - last minute scramble.

Policy Don't commit anything risky.
Promotion team begin investigating physical CD's or USB sticks?
Policy "Soft" strings freeze begins.
Testing Testing starts ramping up.

21 June - June 25: branch r1beta3!

DONE Sysadmin Branch r1beta3
DONE Policy r1beta3 branch bug fix only!
DONE Sysadmin Add r1beta3 to concourse
DONE Sysadmin Concourse and Buildmaster should be generating r1beta3 TCs when forced.
DONE Sysadmin Don't forget about HaikuPorts! We didn't branch Haikuports for r1beta2
DONE Sysadmin Generate an image and name it "Test Candidate 0"
Sysadmin Upgrade Haikuporter Buildmaster to a R1 / Beta 3 branch TC0 image
ICU upgrades ?, build new webkit?
Opened logo contest for installer logo

26 June - 17 July: two weeks of xtreme testing

Sysadmin Generate additional "Test Candidate" images as needed for testing.
Development Work on final fixing WebPositive rendering issues.
Testing All hands on deck testing of test images.
Unless any unfixable showstoppers are found, don't halt the release.
Do general polishing of release notes, website, etc. during this time.

17 July - 24 July: one week to "get the goods"

One final strings synchronization
Sysadmin Generate an image and name it "Release Candidate 0".
Begin work on draft? Https: // page (Draft = true)

24 July - 31 July: one week of ham-fisting final images

Promotion team physical CD's or USB sticks?
Sysadmin Rename your latest release candidate to r1beta3, move from haiku-r1beta3 / XXX to haiku-release / r1beta3 /
Sysadmin Double and triple check sha256 sums
Sysadmin Generate a torrent, begin seeding and get a few other people to seed.
Sysadmin Give a few hours for release to make it to the mirrors.

Sysadmin Force a sync to Wasabi

DO not advertise final release images on Wasabi .. too much bandwidth.

Sysadmin Sync up working mirrors and release-r1b3

Sysadmin Push final images to IPFS repos and alert folks pinning to repin

Sysadmin Pin R1 / Beta 3 release folder CID on Pinata

Sysadmin Update website

Drop Draft on release-r1b3 page
get-haiku _index should become release-r1b1
release-r1b3 should become get-haiku_index

Release when ready; some window to account for unexpected delays.

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