Calamares 3.2.40 has many more changes from previous versions of the 3.2 series. Changes in Calamares 3.2.40:

- CMake modules now support consistent behavior and reporting of the skip module.
- In the global storage space, the filesystem_use key now has an API in libcalamares to systematically mark the file system (types) as "in use" or not. In turn, this means that the modules may depend on that information for other work (for example, removing drivers for unused file systems). # 1635
- "Upload log file" now has a configurable log file size. (Thanks Anubhav)

- the bootloader can now install an aFI64 (ARM) compatible EFI GRUB.
the displaymanager configuration for example has been mixed a bit, for better results when the live image is running XFCE. It also lists several potential display managers. - the keyboard now activates an alternative en_USaspect of the keyboard when Arabic or Hebrew is selected as the main layout.
localeq now has a fully functional offline option (along with the default interactive map option, which requires internet).
- The Netinstall Module can now fall back to alternate URLs when loading data groups. The first URL that generates a collection of non-empty groups is supported. No configuration changes are required.
- packagechooser can now be integrated with the package module; this means that you can specify the package names to install for a specific selection, and the usual package installation mechanism will take care of this. Old configurations that use a contextual process are still supported. See packagechooser.confectioner for details.
- A long-neglected drag request from Lisa Vitolo for the partition module - allowing filesystem tags to be set during manual partitioning - has been revived and combined.
- The partition manager had a long standing bug with wall partition flags and manual partitioning resolved. This can help solve installation problems on UEFI systems.
- usersq is still implemented and can now be used for a successful installation. Not all warning messages available in the regular user module are implemented.

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