The new Kickoff launcher that was introduced in Plasma 5.20 has received a consistent code revision that fixes many bugs, improves performance, accessibility and adds some frequently requested features.

- Long text for power / session elements in the footer or sidebar elements is never deleted; instead, the layout stretches horizontally to accommodate them
- Using the arrow keys to navigate the list of search results no longer gives up the first keystroke
- Pop now always opens instantly
- No more awkward animation when open the pop-up window if you happen to be in the Locations tab last time it was closed
- Alt + Letter accelerators are now stable and consistent
- Two-row grid item labels are no closer to the icon above them than are the titles grid items with a single line
- The layout is no longer flipped vertically, depending on the position of the pop-up on the screen
- The Setup button no longer keeps the keyboard focus if clicked and the pop-up is closed
- Now you can choose whether to use a list or a grid for all application views, not just the Favorites category
- A Pin button has been added, so now you can set it open if you want - just like you can for System Tray, Digital Clock and KRunner

- System Monitor sensor labels can now be changed and receive custom text


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