And there are only two left: Redcore and Academix ..... AcaRed / Redmix Workstation

A few years ago (about 3 years ago) I briefly described here the Romanian Linux landscape. At that time, several (4-5) Romanian (asazis) distributions were still "breathing". Today, only two of my science survives: Redcore and Academix.

The last "Romanian" distribution that seemed promising, Donau posted something on the news page at the beginning of 2020 (about when the official covid started).

Donau Lotus
Posted on 26/03/2020
Today marks the one year anniversary of Donau.

Donau Lotus represents the last Beta stage before the final release of Donau, which is estimated to be finished by August 2020 ........ The last Legacy Edition of Donau, Donau 0.1.1 is still available for download on the Legacy Editions page.

The rest of the distributions: Stella, Argent Workstation, Bitdefender Rescue, etc. - RIP.

The two surviving "Romanian" distributions "moved" something during this period:

Redcore - new version - 2101, relatively constant incremental updates, ARM64 build, image of the distribution weak, outdated, website frozen in time, unattractive.

2021/07/17 - New wiki page, ARM64 build
2021/06/09 - Redcore Linux Hardened 2101 (Orion), stable
2021/01/20 - Redcore Linux Hardened 2101 (Orion), beta
2020/12/23 - Stats for nerds && Redcore Linux Hardened 2101 (Orion), alpha
2020/05/24 - Redcore Linux Hardened 2004 (Neptune), stable
2020/01/05 - System upgrade, manual intervention required

Academix - new version - 2.6, small incremental updates and bug fixes, poor distribution image, outdated, heavy loading website, unattractive.

April 14, 2021 - AcademiX 2.6
March 7, 2021 - The problem of gpg keys when updating the system
January 30, 2020 - Error updating in AcademiX GNU / Linux


For the (possibly Romanian) success of Linux to really exist and last, a distribution cannot and must not be maintained by a single person:

Redcore Wiki: - Redcore Linux was started and is currently developed by Ghiunhan Mamut who "plays" multiple roles: full-time maintainer, programmer, packager, ISO creator, bug Squasher, and so on .... in a word, that means that he is working alone.

Linux needs to move from hobby to pro. Linux in general is currently without the few notable exceptions (Pop! _OS, Ubuntu), an orchestra in which everyone plays as they please. Only teams of developers (minimum 8-12 people) can truly maintain a distribution, even offering support for a fee, generous donations, applicability in everyday life.

If Redcore, Academix, Donau have "merged" (although they are incompatible base-distro) we would have a time-resilient "Swiss Knife" distro (eg AcaRed / Redmix Education 1.0 - Gnome, AcaRed / Redmix Workstation 1.0 - KDE , AcaRed / Redmix Minimal 1.0 - XFCE)


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