Sparky 6.0 - Po Tolo based and fully compatible with Debian 11 Bullseye

Highlights of this version based on Debian 11 Bullseye :

- based on Debian stable 11 "Bullseye"
- all updated packages from Debian "Bullseye" & Sparky "Po Tolo" repos starting August 16, 2021
- Firefox 78.13.0ESR instead of Firefox (the most recent)
- Thunderbird 78.13.0
- VLC 3.0.16
- LibreOffice 7.0.4
- Calamares
- Kernel Linux 5.10.46 LTS as default
- desktop fonts set to 11
- exfatprogs replaced exfat-fuse & exfat-utils to manage exFAT partitions
- ipp-usb installed to allow a USB device to be treated as a network device
- MinimalGUI: PCManFM replaces DoubleCMD-GTK; Firefox-ESR replaces the Epiphany browser
- MinimalCLI: removed multilingual from the boot settings and from the cli installer

- Sparky APTus was replaced by Sparky APTus AppCenter, introduced over a year ago. It allows you to:
- install, reinstall and remove over 2300 popular applications, including over 20 pre-configured desktops

- use all the tools from the old APTus

- install and remove Linux kernels:
* Default Debian, RealTime, (RealTime Backports and Backports when ready)
* Liquorix
* XanMod
* Sparky

- Due to security and anonymity while surfing the net, all Sparky 6 iso images have the RiseupVPN application pre-installed. It is not loaded by default, but can be started from the Internet menu of your application.

- The Sparky FirstRun application has been removed and replaced by Sparky Welcome.

No need to reinstall Sparky if you have Sparky rolling (Po Tolo) installed - just keep Sparky up to date. Sparky 6 "Po Tolo" has been automatically moved from rolling to stable. If you want to keep Sparky rolling, based on the test branch - wait a few days until new repos are created. It will be posted separately, so stay tuned.

Sparky 6 "Po Tolo" is available in the following flavors:
amd64: Xfce and KDE Plasma
amd64 and i686: LXQt, MinimaGUI (Openbox) and MinimalCLI (text mode)



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