GTK 4.4 is the result of 5 months of development, with 838 individual commitments from 71 developers, 88,133 lines in total of which 63094 removed.

- NGL rendering includes accelerations, fixes for transformed rendering, avoiding intermediate textures, and correct handling of partial color fonts. NGL now works correctly with the driver in Mali.

- Outside of GSK, the OpenGL configuration code has been cleaned and simplified.

- Our GL support works well with the latest NVidia driver.

- The included themes have been reorganized and renamed. Themes: Default, Default-dark, Default-hc and Default-hc-dark. Tema Adwaita se muta in libadwaita.

- 32-bit keywords are now fully supported, so using Unicode keywords (for example, to combine signs) works.

- Emoji have been updated to CLDR 39 and we can search for translated Emoji data by both language and territory (eg it-ch).

- The inspector is now enabled by default, so troubleshooting GTK applications should be much easier.

- In addition to the WGL enhancements that have already been mentioned, GL is now used for media playback in windows.

- DND support for windows is also improved and the local DND protocol has been abandoned.


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