The version built around the new Gnome 3.38 desktop and the Linux 5.10 kernel together with Firefox-ESR 78.13 and LibreOffice 7.0.

Voyager 11 is just an extended version of Debian Bullseye. The entire internal structure of Debian 11 is left by default to avoid any security issues, package and all updates come from the official Debian. It is also an international version, as all languages and translations have been preserved. Voyager is not a distribution with its repositories, but a version of Debian 11.

Among the new features, Debian includes over 11,000 additional packages and a number of new features unique to Debian Bullseye, such as support for the exFAT file system.

Voyager has improved the Box, with new scripts such as Switch, which allows you to switch from Debian 11 to Voyager 11, Gnome Extensions, Tablet PC with a single click to rotate the screen, Voyager wallpapers, repairs, installation Wine Staging ... and Steam for games plus other options, all redesigned and adapted for Debian 11.

In summary, this new distribution uses the LTS kernel version resulting in much better hardware support, with a 5-year maintenance cycle.

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