ROSLIMS 1.2 = Knoppix 3.8.1 + Romanian localization + many more ...

- April 2004 - Romanian Knoppix for Biomedical Purposes appears, the FIRST Linux Live CD with Romanian localization, based on Knoppix 3.3 and with support for HPC / Linux Clusters (OpenMosix).

- May 11, 2004 - Romanian Knoppix for Biomedical Purposes becomes RoBioCluster, as a result of the inclusion in the distribution of some software intended mainly for research activity (Pybliographer, OpenDX, VMD / NAMD), and the distribution becomes available to users based on partnership with UMF Targu Mures.

- May 8, 2004- Romanian Knoppix 3.4 is released, Live CD based on Knoppix 3.4 + complete location for Romania June 10, 2004-Distribution tutorial, written in Romanian and totaling over 72 pages is ready. Appears under the generic title of Romanian Linux Live CD Tutorial. :-))

- June 15, 2004 - Romanian Knoppix 3.4 becomes ROSLIMS -Romanian Simple Linux for Medical Students, by including additional software for medical students: (Medical) Reference Manager (Pybliographer) and Medline Query Interface; molecule editors: XDrawChem, ChemTool; text editors: AbiWord; truetype fonts with support for Eastern European languages, and a 72-page tutorial in Romanian.

- sept. 2004- The first review of ROSLIMS and ROBIOCLUSTER distributions appears in PC Magazine. My thanks to Mr. Mircea Sabau.

- 17-18 sept. 2004 - The second edition of the International e-Learning Seminar takes place, "Linux and Virtual Learning Environments", ARAD,

- 17-18 sept. 2004, in which the ROSLIMS distribution is presented and demonstrations are made with a Linux Cluster based on the RoBioCluster distribution :-).

The first steps in Linux - Marius Marusteri · Sabin Buraga · Dragos Acostachioaie - The book here ..

ROSLIMS (Romanian Simple Linux for Medical Students) - -, is a live Linux distribution, based on Knoppix and in version 1.2, developed in order to be a first open Romanian educational platform source, respectively to bring in the local IT landscape a viable Linux desktop solution, similar in functionality to the established proprietary operating systems (Windows, Mac OS) and, at the same time, just as easy to use.

Its main strengths, which distinguish it from many other existing Linux distributions, are, in fact, attempts to solve some of the drawbacks of this operating system. Thus, the ROSLIMS distribution is characterized by:

- simplicity in use (due to the hardware detection and self-configuration facilities, respectively to the classic user interface);

- full support for Romania (user interface, mapping the Romanian keyboard in Windows style, a series of TrueType fonts for Central Europe, etc.);

very good compatibility with established office suites;

- easy installation of new applications by providing for the first time the local support for cmg files (, technology that excludes the possibility of incompatibilities at the library level between certain versions of programs and ensures a simple installation, of point-and-click type, of new versions;

- a wide variety of pre-installed software, including complex educational suites (KDE Educa) or emulators of other operating systems - Wine (over 2.2 GB compressed in an image of approximately 700 MB);

- user interface of your choice in Romanian (default) and English, etc.

Via ROSLIMS, you can access almost all types of common applications, all free:

- OpenOffice office suite, Abiword text editor, Gnumeric spreadsheet program. These applications ensure a very good compatibility, at the level of file formats, with the commercial suites;

- graphics applications: GIMP and Inkscape;

- multimedia software: Audacity, Xine and others;

- tools for system administration: ethereal, tcpdump etc .;

- Internet services: HTTP (Apache), FTP, SMTP, POP3;

- programs for Internet access: Web browsers (Mozilla suite, Konqueror, Lynx), IRC (XChat), video conferencing (GnomeMeeting), e-mail (Kmail, Thunderbird) and many others.

Cititi mai multe stiri/noutati despre RancherOS aici ...

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