Choices for Linux Server Distros

It is a given that Linux server distros can work wonders for businesses; not only do they work efficiently as file servers but they also cut tons of costs particularly in the licensing fees and in maintenance costs.

So, if you’ve already decided that your business will now be using Linux as the operating system of the network server, the next question would immediately arise:

What could be your best choice among all the Linux server distros available for your business?

Without much ado, there is really no absolute answer as to what is the best Linux server distro for your business, since each business differs and also, because different owners and employees work in a different manner, thus creating a different mix of demand for an operating system.

If you are not yet experienced in using Linux server distros and are just choosing a new one for the first time, then the most recommended operating system for your terminal server is the ever-famous Ubuntu.
Having Ubuntu as your terminal server’s operating system can bring you great advantages such being able to increase the server’s efficiency regularly.
This is because Ubuntu is being updated every six months, unlike some other Linux server distros that is are being updated irregularly.
Also, Ubuntu has a very strong commercial support system that allows you to troubleshoot or learn using Ubuntu quickly instead of exploring it by yourself.

This is another feature of Ubuntu that sets it different from other Linux server distros.

Aside from Ubuntu, another good choice among many Linux server distros is the Red Hat Enterprise Linux or more popularly known simply as “Red Hat.

Though this is more recommendable for experienced Linux users, once you became used to using Linux, the non-stop support and upgrading that this distro has makes Red Hat a popular choice as the operating system of so many terminal servers in the corporate world and even on personal computers.

You can also make radical but still good choices for the operating system of your terminal server in the form of Vyatta.
It can still work around well even if firewalls are being setup around its system so this can be a really good choice for saving data that must be highly guarded.

The edge that this radical choice has among other Linux server distros is that the efficiency of its performance is not impaired by firewall and routers.

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