Counter-strike installation on Linux with Wine

For starters you need a counter-strike 1.6 kit such as: counter-striker1.6.exe. You need the video card drivers to be installed for the game to run as smoothly as possible.

Careful! If you do not have the drivers installed, the game will only work in the Software and you will not be able to play because you will have a very large lag.

installation: We need an emulator, in our case we use wine.

Wine installation: Open a terminal and write:

sudo apt-get install wine

After the wine is finished installing, write in the terminal:


The wine emulator will open, ok.

Counter-striker installation:
Let's say that the counter-striker kit is in /home/noname/jocuri/counter-striker/counter-striker1.6.exe
To install the wine kit we use this command: The
wine /home/noname/jocuri/counter-striker/counter-striker1.6.exe
installation will start exactly as in windows mode.
Follow the steps of Wizzard, the installation lasts only a few minutes.
To enter the game you will need to open a terminal and write in it:

wine /home/noname/.wine/drive_c/Program \ Files / Valve / hl.exe -game cstrike

Careful! If the menu does not appear when you enter the game then you must install the font menu tahoma.ttf

If you also have Windows go to C: / Windows / and take Fonts from there and put it in /home/noname/.wine/drive_c/windows/ here you put Fonts from Windows, you will notice that you have fonts in / home / noname /. wine / drive_c / windows, but that folder is empty, so it's a good idea to put the folder in C: / Windows / Fonts in /home/noname/.wine/drive_c/windows/

Counter-strike directly from the desktop:
- Right click on desktop => Create launcher => Type: Application in Terminal => Name: Counter-strike => Command:
wine /home/noname/.wine/drive_c/Program \ Files / Valve / hl.exe -game cstrike

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