In almost all walks of life, the best on one field is never the absolute best on that field. nWhat’s best for one is not the best for the other and choosing the best Linux distro is one of these things.

There are many ways in which you can call a specific Linux distro as the best of all the Linux distros available and since almost every Linux distro is for free,
so when looking for the best Linux distro, price is out of the question.

When choosing the best Linux distro, the best way in doing this is not by comparing one distro to another but instead,

what must be done is to compare one distro to your demands.For example, if you are just new to using Linux operating systems, then the best choice for you could be PCLinuxOS.

This very user-friendly operating system works for general purposes.

This is also the best Linux distro if you are just simply on the stage of trying to see whether using Linux
is most suited for you because it has a LiveCD mode which allows you to test PCLinuxOS without making any changes to your current system yet.
If you like it, then you can install later.

Now, if you have decided to choose Linux for good, or at least for quite a while, then the best Linux distro for you is probably the most famous Linux distro as well, the Ubuntu.
With the name derived from the Southern African philosophy of humanity towards others, Ubuntu lives up to the standards of long-term usage because of its strong technical support and regular updates.
Its sponsoring company, the UK-based Cannonical, releases a new version of Ubuntu every half a year with each release capable of technical support for 18 months at most.
Also, the fourth release of each Ubuntu version receives long-term technical supports for five years or 60 months.

Ubuntu, the best Linux distro for potential users, also has a more wholesome and child and community friendly version called the Edubuntu.

With its base kernel derived from Ubuntu, Edubuntu has been tweaked by programmers with the collaboration of teachers, technologists, and community developers from all over the world to develop the best Linux distro for the children with the age of about 11.

Although the principle of the relativity of what’s best still applies – still – the best Linux distro for beginners is no doubt either Ubuntu or PCLinux OS.

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