The Qt Sensor module provides access to sensor devices such as an accelerometer and gyroscope. The logical architecture separates the types of sensors ("accelerometer") from the platforms that provide them ("Android").

- Windows sensors are supported when built with the Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler (MSVC).

- In Qt 5 the sensors were accepted on Windows RT, which is no longer supported by Qt 6.
- The implementation based on "sysfs" (an undocumented backend) was removed as a remnant from the early days of the sensors.
- The Linux backend based on "sensorfw" is not currently supported, because "sensorfw" is not yet ported to Qt 6.
- Iio-sensor-proxy is currently the only backend supported on Linux, see below for more many details
- The TI sensor label holder has been removed.

Linux as a sensor platform deserves a special note. Iio-sensor-proxy is able to provide access for some sensors, but has a D-Bus dependency that could be a challenge for embedded devices. A possible direction for the future could be the direct use of the industrial I / O subsystem (IIO).

Accepted sensor types

QAltimeter, QDistanceSensor and QHolsterSensor have been removed
QIRProximitySensor, QLidSensor and QTapSensor have only "sensorfw" backend and are not listed as supported


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