Qt Creator 6 Beta comes with changes and improvements that we did in Qt Creator 6. Please have a look.

- Prebuilt binaries of Qt Creator 6 are now based on Qt 6.2 !

- We provide universal Intel+ARM binaries for macOS.

- Moved the launching of external processes, like the build tools and clang-tidy and other tools, to a separate server process. This avoids issues on Linux, where forking a process from a large application is more expensive than from a small server process.

- Text editor now supports general multi cursor editing (add cursors with Alt+Click).

- The C++ code model is upgraded to LLVM 13.

- Editing C++ with clangd is now fully supported, but still disabled by default. Enable it in the options, C++ > Clangd. Look out for a more detailed blog post about clangd support in Qt Creator.

- The integrated Qt Quick Designer is now disabled by default. Qt Creator will open .ui.qml files in Qt Design Studio. This is a step towards a more integrated workflow between Qt Design Studio and Qt Creator (video). Qt - Quick Designer is still there, you can manually enable it again by checking the QmlDesigner plugin in Help > About Plugins.

- Added Show in File System View to the Projects tree's context menu.

- added a global search for Files in All Project Directories to advanced find, similar to the Locator filter.

- For CMake projects we removed the special Headers nodes and in turn improved the way our CMake support handles header files that are mentioned in target sources. The preferred way is to add headers to target sources, which helps Qt Creator and other tools like Clazy to do the right thing. The File System view and Files in All Project Directories Locator filter and advanced search can be used in other cases.

- The support for building and running in Docker containers makes progress. More and more places in Qt Creator internally accept remote file paths.

Source: www.qt.io

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