Linux is modular in design, which means it is used for the most part as a modularly designed system from the kernel to the applications. It is not difficult to organize most e-mail programs to use a built-in browser engine to render HTML messages. Therefore, an error in one browser engine does not present a danger to any other application on the system. The Linux kernel supports the modular drivers. It is designed to be part of the system. Almost every feature in Linux does not have access to the susceptible parts of a Linux system.

Linux also forces the graphic drivers to run outside the kernel. A bug in a graphic driver may not affect the whole system, but it may cause the graphical desktop to fail. If this happens, one should simply reboot the graphical desktop, and not the computer. Further, a Linux server can be installed as a headless system, which means without any monitor connection. It is also administered remotely and is the ideal type of server installation. A remotely administered server is not open to the risks like of a locally administered server.

However, one can improve the security further by implementing some measures and using some tools. Certain companies have launched specific tools which are designed for easy usage and for system administrators to cope with the compliance issues. Such programs are compatible with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This hardened tool program aims as an alternative to the patchwork of most command line tools that Linux administrators use for hardening their system.

These command line tools contribute to the security of Linux. The tool handles more security flaws. It allows the administrators to monitor and report on the security status of the system. This security tool also offers a set of 50 security best practices and is totally designed for configuration simplifications.

‘Backtrack’ is also another such tool which is a combination of two innovative entrance Testing live Linux distributions which are Whax and Auditor. Backtrack security gives modularity to the user. One can easily customize the distribution to include personal scripts, customized kernels, additional tools, etc.

According to a survey conducted in 2004, around 93% of Linux developers have had a few incidents wherein a Linux machine was negotiated. A survey conducted to review the security of Linux showed 92% surveyed people not having any experience with Linux system. They never had any virus, Trojan or any other virus on Linux. However, one comes to know that such virus which may infect the Linux system. One should keep in mind that variations in Linux distribution may vary with different companies and their installation processes. There may be difference in the various distributions. Linux does not have a history of being a single user system. It has been designed from the base to many users from applications, files, and directories. This affects the whole operating system.

If a person wants to achieve a mainframe service level for his Linux system, he can integrate the open architecture server in a simple and powerful enterprise IT management environment. This security tool provides high service consistency. Problems get solved automatically and one can monitor his Linux performance frequently.

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