Endless OS 4 adds left / right arrows to navigate between pages easily, includes a new default wallpaper, switching to another user while a user is still connected, Linux Core 5.11.

Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB RAM is now supported. Previously I only accepted the 2 GB and 4 GB RAM models. Graphic and WiFi performance is improved for all Raspberry Pi 4B models.

ARM64 devices, such as the Raspberry Pi 4B and PineBook Pro, are supported by Endless OS 4, but cannot be upgraded from previous versions to Endless OS 4: you must reinstall with a new copy of Endless OS 4.

NVIDIA 460.91.03 driver, support for the new NVIDIA graphics cards.
Added support for L2TP and OpenConnect / AnyConnect VPNs.
OSTree 2020.8 and flatpak 1.10.2, with some performance improvements for operating system and application updates.
Switching from fake-hwclock and ntpd to systemd-timesyncd for monotonous clock and time synchronization.
Updated bootloader components (shim, GRUB) to add support for the new SBAT secure boot revocation mechanism.
Many other OS platform updates inherited from Debian Bullseye.

Chromium (the open-source version of Chrome) is the default browser and comes pre-installed

Rhythmbox is now installed as Flatpak

Cheese is now installed as Flatpak

Icons have returned to GNOME defaults

Separation of the operating system and Flatpak applications in warehouses

Elimination of Word of the Day and Quote of the Day applications

Endless OS includes an optional metrics system that automatically saves and sends anonymous usage statistics and problem reports to Endless

Caution: All configured printers are removed as part of the upgrade to Endless OS 4. Printers that are connected to your computer or that are on the same local network should now be discovered automatically, provided they accept the Internet Printing Protocol.

Note: Earlier versions of the Endless operating system had a Remote Desktop Viewer application (codenamed "vinegar") built into the operating system. This application is no longer maintained by the authors and has been removed from Endless OS 4.

Source: endlessos.org

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