How to Become a Navy Linux Mirror

Mirroring is done using rsync over SSH, requires a public SSH key file, sent to Navy Linux. You only need to use the HTTPS mirror, bandwidth and available disk space (each release of Navy Linux requires approximately 60 GB of disk space), at least 100 Mbit / sec Internet connection and preferably every 12 hours. , at least once a day.

To become a mirror for Navy Linux, send an email with the details below to

Necessary information.

Organization Name:
Public Mirror URL : Public Mirror
IP Address : Mirror
Maintenance Name : Mirror Maintenance
Email: Mirror Maintenance
Contact Number:
Public Key File ssh User in Format (ssh-rsa):
Connection Speed ??to Internet:

URL rsync over mirror SSH:

Suggested mirror rsync command:

# rsync over ssh suggested command rsync --bwlimit = 5000 -arvz -e 'ssh -p '--progress --delete / mirror / / path / to / local / download / 

private port provided by Navy Linux



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