Siduction 2021.3.0 - Wintersky - KDE Plasma 5.23.4, LXQt 1.0, Xfce 4.16

Siduction 2021.3.0 - Wintersky Aromas and Versions are KDE Plasma 5.23.4, LXQt 1.0, Xfce 4.16 and Xorg and noX images, where Xorg comes with the Fluxbox window manager, while noX handles X without X. Images released with siduction 2021.3.0 is a snapshot of Debian Unstable, codenamed Sid, from December 23, 2021, enriched with several useful packages and scripts, a Calamares-based installer, and a custom version of the Linux 5.15.11 kernel. , while systemd is at 249.7-1.

The iNet Wireless (iwd) daemon, already delivered with 2021.1.0 siduction for Xorg and noX flavors, is now also responsible for Plasma, LXQt and Xfce WiFi. iwd is easy and sets up WiFi connections faster than was possible with wpa_supplicant. iwd works independently or in conjunction with NetworkManager, systemd-networkd and Connman.

PipeWire is a replacement for PulseAudio and Jack. In the future, he will also deal with the video section. It also replaced the much faster gdu ncdu and preinstalled CopyQ as the clipboard manager.

Digikam removed from the image due to its size of ~ 130 MByte.

As a small Christmas present, during the installation you will have a small slide show with some of the wallpapers from the last 10 years. Currently, the installer does not offer the possibility to deselect packages that do not comply with the DFSG, Debian Free Software Guide.

The following non-free and contrib packages are installed by default:

amd64-microcode - processor microcode firmware for AMD processors
firmware-amd-graphics - binary firmware for AMD / ATI graphics chips
firmware-atheros - binary firmware for Atheros wireless cards
firmware-bnx2 - binary firmware for Broadcom NetXtremeII
firmware-bnx2x - binary firmware for
Broadcom NetXtreme II 10Gb firmware -brcm80211 - Binary
firmware for Broadcom 802.11 wireless card firmware -crystalhd - Crystal HD Video Decoder firmware (firmware)
-intelwimax - Intel WiMAX binary
firmware Connection firmware -iwlwifi - Binary firmware for Intel Wireless
firmware-libertas cards - Binary firmware for Marvell Libertas 8xxx
wireless car firmware -linux-nonfree - Binary firmware for various Linux kernel drivers
firmware-misc-nonfree - binary firmware for various drivers in Linux kernel
firmware-myricom - binary firmware for Myri-10G Ethernet adapters
firmware-netxen - binary firmware for QLogic Smart Ethernet (3000)
firmware-QLogic - binary firmware for QLogic HBAs
firmware -realtek - Binary firmware for wired / wifi / BT adapters Realtek
firmware-ti-connectivity - Binary
firmware for TI Connectivity wireless network firmware -zd1211 - binary firmware for zd1211rw
intel-microcode wireless driver - Firmware with processor microcode for Intel processors



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