GeckoLinux ROLLING 999.220105 spins now feature the PipeWire audio framework with a customized out-of-the-box configuration suitable for casual home audio as well as professional low-latency (5.3ms) JACK applications. This PipeWire configuration allows for hassle-free workflows involving simultaneous usage of applications that are coded to work with PulseAudio and others that need JACK support, with no complicated bridging of the two systems.

All GeckoLinux editions is the addition of improved installation logic based on whether the system is running in EFI or legacy BIOS mode, leading to much better reliability during future GRUB bootloader updates.

An additional workaround has been added to avoid a bug in openSUSE's GRUB routine when generating entries for other dual-boot Linux systems on Btrfs subvolumes.

To make package downloads from the openSUSE mirror network much more reliable, repository URLs have been adjusted to use openSUSE's new system.

To improve long-term reliability after future GRUB updates, logic has been added to the Calamares installer configuration to use Btrfs LZO compression on legacy BIOS systems, whereas Zstd compression is retained on EFI systems.

Finally, GeckoLinux welcomes the return of the ROLLING-OBS Pantheon edition now that the maintenance situation of the openSUSE repository for Pantheon packages has been resolved.

Cinnamon 5.2.4
Plasma 5.23.4 / KDE Frameworks 5.89.9 / KDE Applications 21.12.0
Gnome 41.2
Mate 1.26
XFCE 4.16
Budgie 10.5.3
LXQt 1.0
Pantheon (version from elementary OS 6.1)


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