DragonFly version 6.2 is the next step in the 6.x release series. This version has hardware support for type-2 hypervisors with NVMM, an amdgpu driver, the experimental ability to remote-mount HAMMER2 volumes, and many other changes.

Security Issues

  • Recommend updating all systems, a locally-exploitable kernel vulnerability was fixed for this release.


  • Many different changes were made for NVMM support; check the release tag for a full list
  • Implement POLLHUP for pipes and filesystem FIFOs (improve dports portability)
  • amdtemp - Fix family 0x17 support, add family 0x19 support
  • edk2: Sync our TianoCore EDK II headers with the edk2-stable202105 tag
  • Import OpenPAM Tabebuia
  • Import passwdqc 2.0.2
  • Remove a.out support
  • Fix posix_fallocate()
  • Fix indefinite blocking in exit when draining controlling tty
  • Fix select()/kqueue() bug related to writability of a closed pipe()
  • Make getpeerid() work with socketpair() descriptors
  • Fix rman ref count races against sysctl -a dumps
  • Be more friendly to latency when running as a guest OS under a VM
  • Remove terminal PTE pv_entry tracking entirely, moving more of the VM system to extent-based recording. This also means MAP_VPAGETABLE had to be removed and userland vkernel support had to be removed. NVMM under QEMU should now be used for virtualizing DFly. This saves an enormous amount of kernel memory when running services that share large amounts of memory across large numbers of distinct processes.
  • Various npx (floating point state) cleanups and fixes
  • Offset the per-cpu scheduler clock interrupts to avoid waking up all cpu cores simultaneously. Improves idle conditions.
  • Improve vfs.timestamp_precision defaults when running under VMs
  • Improve TSC concurrency tests when running under VMs
  • Major improvements to the paging algorithms. The system now does a much, much better job selecting pages for swap, significantly improving the user experience with browsers on low-memory systems.
  • The default maxvnodes calculation has been reduced, reducing kernel memory use. Caching too many vnodes can be detrimental, particularly since H2 caches block data at the raw block device level too (helps with compression / decompression data caching).


  • multiple checks added to fdisk
  • growfs support improved in HAMMER2
  • usr.sbin/fstyp: Add BeFS support
  • makefs: Add FAT support (taken from FreeBSD)
  • hammer2 - Fix excessive memory use during bulkfree.
  • hammer2 - Fix H2 BOOT support when the BOOT pfs is recreated.
  • hammer2 - Fix freemap accounting that could lead to incorrect filesystem full situations.
  • hammer2 - Fix I/O error panic during bulkfree.
  • hammer2 - Fix panic on illegal renames made possible by nullfs mounts
  • hammer2 - Add growfs support
  • hammer2 - Better CPU localization user vs XOP threads, improving performance
  • ext2fs - Various cleanups
  • ext2fs - Various fixes
  • msdosfs - Various fixes


  • ipfw3nat: ICMP packets NAT using icmp idport reuse.
  • Add SIOCGHWADDR support.


  • drm/i915: Enable WhiskeyLake GPUs
  • drm/i915: Hack around crashes due to ring timeouts during startup.
  • drm/amd: amdgpu support added through (roughly) the 3400G APU. Thanks to Sergey Zigachev for lighting a fire under this.
  • drm/amd: Increase stolen memory from 9MB to 64MB to fix amdgpu crash with 4K monitor attached

Driver updates

  • sn, sbsh security fixes
  • psm no longer temporarily freezes on sync errors
  • ichsmb: Add {Cannon,Comet,Tiger,Gemini}lake PCI IDs
  • Remove ndis(4) and associated tools and stuff.
  • amdgpu driver updated to match Linux 4.19
  • ttm updated to match amdgpu
  • radeon driver updated to use ttm
  • nvme improve compatibility with broken off-label drives
  • xdisk: Integrate into tree
  • sound: Bug fixes / fix a panic
  • ahci: Document hint.ahci.force{150,300,600} loader vars
  • amdtemp: Fix family 0x17 support


  • tcsh: Add csh-mode.el
  • defaults/compilers.conf: Add CCVER definitions for clang11.
  • Import mandoc-1.14.6.
  • Import OpenSSH-8.8p1
  • Import tzdata2021e
  • initrd/mkinitrd.sh: Switch the initrd generation from vn(4) to makefs(8)
  • Update to dhcpcd-9.4.1
  • Synchronize zoneinfo (we do this regularly)
  • fdisk - various improvements


  • libc - Fix env passing in posix_spawnp()
  • libc - Add getentropy() to improve ports compatibility
  • libc - Add clearenv()
  • libc - Add platform specific __double_t and __float_t
  • libc - Improve shm_open() portability
  • libc - Add mkdirat()
  • libdmsg restore crypto functionality
  • pthreads - Improve low level lock performance


  • ahci - Document more loader.conf variables
  • periodic: Enable {daily,weekly,monthly,security}_show_badconfig by default.
  • ACPICA sync with Intel version 20211217
  • Boot source code rearranged in the source tree
  • Memorialize the Covid epidemic with a manual page
  • libc - Revamp /var/run/shm to improve portability

DSynth work

  • dsynth - Add -M scale option
  • dsynth - Support pkg 1.17 (.pkg suffix for packages)
  • dsynth - Support for pkg meta version 2

Various tools have been upgraded in the base system:

  • dhcpcd-9.4.0 to dhcpcd-9.4.1
  • vendor/file: upgrade from 5.39 to 5.40

Compiler status

  • Currently using GCC 8 by default, with GCC 4.7 built but not used as fallback.
  • Unchanged from 6.0.

Package updates

  • A full set of new binary packages has been built for 6.2, available through the pkg(8) tool.

Source: dragonflybsd.org

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