This new update of distribution brings the addition of the Ventoy utility as part of our reuse campaign launched in early September 2020 in collaboration with our friends from Debian-Facile and in France, as well as Blabla Linux in Belgium, as we have just put online a second version of our refurbishing USB flash drive now based on Ventoy.

This new version will be the basis for our future Debian 12-based Emmabuntus DE5, for which we will start testing in the coming weeks.

For this version 1.01, the following fixes and improvements have been implemented :

Distribution based on Debian 11.2 Bullseye
Addition of the Ventoy utility
Fixed the use of an encrypted hard disk
Fixed launch of DWService by updating version
Updates of : Firefox ESR 91.4.1, Thunderbird 91.4.1, LibreOffice, Ancestris 11-20211017, VeraCrypt 1.25.4, Multisystem 1.0459

Cititi mai multe stiri/noutati despre Emmabuntüs aici ... Source:

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Utilizator Linux - Solus OS, pasionat de calatorii.
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