Most important changes provided in each SystemRescue 9.00 version. It only shows changes in the versions of the Linux kernel and relevant utilities.

Updated the kernel to the Long-Term-Supported linux-5.15.14
The new kernel brings the ntfs3 module which provides better NTFS support
The system comes with a copy of the website as an offline manual (Gerd v. Egidy)
Added sysrescue-customize script to create custom ISO images (Gerd v. Egidy)
Initial support for configuring the system with YAML files (#170)
Support for configuring autorun with the new YAML configuration files
Replaced the mesa package with a minimal alternative to save 52MB (#241)
Converted the bash system initialisation script to python (#170)
Removed XOrg driver “xf86-video-qxl” as it is currently not stable (#235)
Bring back accidently removed package inetutils (telnet, ftp, hostname,…)
Added packages: aq, libisoburn, patch, python-llfuse, python-yaml, rdiff-backup

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