DistritoTux Edu, an educational distribution based on "Xubuntu" 20.04 and configured with the CUBIC program (Custom Ubuntu ISO Creator), aimed especially at the Spanish-speaking community.

In "DistritoTux Edu" 41 educational programs have been selected and have been grouped into four categories, namely:

1. Educational games : Blinken, Pysycache, Childsplay, Omnitux, Gcompris, eduactiv8, Tux Math, Tux Typing and Kanagram.

2. Specific Programs: Scratch, Kturtle, Laby, Battery Blocks, Klettres, Catalog, Catalog and Xboard.

3. Programs: Marble, Step, Geogebra, Kig, CaRMetal, Stellarium, Kstars, Kbruch, jFractionLab, Kgeography, Kalzium, GPeriodic, Atomix, KAlgebra, KWordQuiz, Kmplot, Dia, Freeplane, VYM y GoldenDict.

4. Teacher support programs : JClic, GTick, MuseScore and Tuxguitar.

Documentation has been prepared for the use of educational games and some specific programs directly related to school work.

1. Programs and their characteristics : PDF document with the 41 programs and their main characteristics

2. Skills and Educational Programs : PDF document that establishes relationships between the skills of "Memory", "Auditory Discrimination", "Visual Search", "Analysis and Synthesis", "Logical Associations", "Fine Motor Skills", "Reading -Writing" and Mathematics" with the programs and educational games exposed and mentioned

Cititi mai multe stiri/noutati despre DistritoTux Edu aici ... Source: distritotux.cl

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