Ultramarine Linux is a Linux distribution based on Fedora Linux

Ultramarine Linux is a Linux distribution based on Fedora Linux. Satisfies the beginner with the simplicity, while retaining the features a power user would demand.

You can also migrate from an existing Fedora installation:

curl | sudo bash

Our aim is to lower the barrier of entry for desktop Linux. Although this may seem vague and can be achieved in multiple ways, we encorporate the following philosophies in our project which define what means user-friendly to us.

Providing repositories from COPR or 3rd-party repositories compatible with Fedora
Encorporating Desktop Environments like Budgie and Cutefish which are community favourites and also unique in their own regard
Allow the user to manipulate their experience with Ultramarine as they please
Provide basic features one would expect from a desktop while attempting to keep bloatware to a minimum
Encourage a speedy and efficient environment for most general computing related tasks, which may include gaming, productivity, etc.
Provide a simple way for contributors to contribute to the project
Let the user install any software they wish, regardless of license or origin. Unless the distribution of said software in itself is in violation of local laws

The Team - The main Ultramarine Linux development team is as follows:

- Cappy Ishihara (Anonymous) - Project lead, Release Engineer
- Vihag Chaturvedi - Community Manager, Documentation
- Trobonox (Anonymous) - Design SIG, Web Designer
- Mo (Anonymous) - Additional Support, Consulting
- Toru Ishikawa (Anonymous) - Infrastructure SIG



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