Trisquel 10.0 Nabia - supported with security updates until April 2025

Trisquel 10.0, codename "Nabia" will be supported with security updates until April 2025.

Editions and flavors

- MATE (version 1.24 this time) as the default desktop environment due to its great accessibility support, simple user interface and no dependency on 3D acceleration.
- KDE (v5.68) based edition was given lots of attention for this release and it is now as polished as the MATE counterpart. This edition is excellent for customizing the design and functionality in fine detail.
- LXDE (v0.99.2), the Mini edition is a lightweight desktop perfect for netbooks, old computers and users with minimal resource usage needs.
- Trisquel Sugar or Trisquel On A Sugar Toast (TOAST): Based on the Sugar learning platform (v0.118), TOAST comes with dozens of educational activities for children.
Network installer image: To deploy with a command-line install interface, it is ideal for servers and advanced users who want to explore custom designed environments.

Some common core packages include:

GNU Linux-libre 5.4 by default, 5.8 and 5.13 available
Abrowser (rebranded, privacy oriented Firefox derivative) 96.0
Icedove (rebranded, privacy oriented Thunderbird derivative) 91.5.0
LibreOffice 7.1.7
VLC video player
Xorg 7.7
GNU Libc6 2.31

Architecture changes

Addition of support for ARM devices, incorporating armhf as a newly supported architecture for Nabia. The changes done to the development system to achieve this will make it much easier to expand to other architectures soon, targeting 64-bit ARM and PowerPC next. Although there isn't yet support for any specific board, today's publication of a pre-installed development image will allow the community to start experimenting and bring support to ARM devices. Nabia will be the first release to not have support for 32-bit hardware on x86, while Trisquel 9.0.2 Etiona will continue to provide support for x86 32-bit machines until April 2023.



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