Zenwalk 15.0 Skywalker

Zenwalk 15.0 "Skywalker" milestone - most packages have been rebuilt down here or upstream.

Desktop is the latest XFCE 4.16, with the special Zenwalk layout : this unusual NEXT/Windowmaker inspired dock system. This one of a kind desktop is optimized for modern wide screens.

Zenwalk 15.0 system with the following main changes :

- Optimized for XFCE

- Flatpak and AppImage ready (any existing app can be installed)

- Simplified setup

- Focused on Desktop usage

- Optimized in size / RAM footprint

Zenwalk its a non profit project : all contributions and donations go to the Slackware Project.



Utilizator Linux - Solus OS, pasionat de calatorii.
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