Qubes 4.1.0, brings a host of new features, major improvements, and numerous bug fixes

Qubes 4.1.0 includes several major new features:

- The GUI Domain. The GUI domain is a qube separate from dom0 that handles all display-related tasks and some system management.

- The New Qrexec Policy System. Qrexec is is an RPC (remote procedure call) mechanism that allows one qube to do something inside another qube. Qubes 4.1 brings a new qrexec policy format, significant performance improvements, support for socket services, and policy notifications that make it easier to detect problems.

- New Gentoo templates and maintenance infrastructure

- Improvements in testing and building: GitLab CI and reproducible builds

- More improvements, bug fixes, and updated components

Qubes 4.1.0 features the following updated default components:

Xen 4.14
Fedora 32 in dom0
Fedora 34 template
Debian 11 template
Whonix 16 Gateway and Workstation templates
Linux kernel 5.10



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