LX4U - Linux for Yourself - a Russian-language detailed guide to creating a Linux system

Linux for Yourself - a Russian-language detailed guide to creating a Linux system using only the source texts of the necessary software.
You can choose to use a multilib system, EFI support and a set of additional software for organizing comfortable work. In addition, there is an advanced guide that contains information on setting up the desktop environment and software, covering various areas of application.

The project has several goals. One of them is educational. Building a system from this guide will help you understand what each package and each program is used for, how the components of the system work together and interact with each other. You will also gain a lot of experience in compiling software from source code and solving build problems.

Another goal is to build a system that meets the needs of the end user. Most distributions include a large amount of software. Not everything can be removed "painlessly" for the system. In LX4, you can dictate every aspect of your system, create a miniature system that can run stably and quickly on weak hardware, or build a fairly heavy distribution for a powerful PC.

The benefit of natively building Linux is security. When compiling each component of the system from source, you can check everything and apply the necessary patches. Now you do not have to wait for someone to compile the package with the required fixes.

There are a huge number of operating systems of the Linux family, each of which offers one or another advantage. Various options can make it difficult to choose and take a lot of time to find what you need exactly for your tasks.

Linux opens the door to the gigantic world of open systems, in which there are a huge number of tools for solving a wide variety of problems.

Need a faster OS? For games? Or, perhaps, you need a multimedia distribution kit for comfortable viewing and listening to media content?

Using this guide, you will get a working system to your liking. You are in control, and we are just giving you a helping hand.

Start your own Linux journey now!



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