OpenMandriva Distribution, OMLx 4.3

OpenMandriva Lx is a unique and independent linux distribution, a direct descendant of Mandriva Linux and the first Linux distribution utilise the LLVM compiler. This release keeps using the entire LLVM toolchain which completes the work that began in 2015.

The OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 operating system distribution is FREE and provides the user with all the software funtionality that is available on a proprietary system and then some.

- OpenMandriva utility Desktop Presets (om-feeling-like) offers a quick way to customize the appearance of your OpenMandriva Plasma desktop to look and feel similar to other systems you may be used to.

- Improved ’OM-Welcome’ utility which guides you through initial setup and suggests some useful additional applications that you may wish to install other than those distributed of the iso.

- A third utility Software Repository Selector (om-repo-picker), to enable additional repositories with thousands of additional Free Software packages, updated and greatly improved.

- Ports: A full 64-bit ARM port is now available for this release making it possible to build energy efficient PC replacements for less that $150, as well as providing more energy efficient servers in the data center.

Installable images for the PinebookPro, Raspberry Pi 4B and 3B+, Rock Pi 4A, 4B and 4C, Synquacer, Cubox Pulse and generic UEFI compatible devices, such as most aarch64 server boards, are currently being tested and will be released shortly. This port allows us to now target smartphones and an image is now acailable targets the PinePhone (but should not yet be considered final quality).

This release comes with the very latest KDE applications:

LibreOffice suite, Krita 5.0.2, Digikam 7.5, SMPlayer 21.10.0, VLC 3.0.16, Falkon browser 3.2, SimpleScreenRecorder 0.4.3;

PipeWire has become our default sound server in the current system release, thus replacing PulseAudio. However, PulseAudio is still in our repository and you can return to it at any time.

A port to RISC-V - an Open Source processor architecture - is in the works, but not yet included in the 4.3 release.

For more technically adept, you may find interesting that this version also includes:
kernel 5.16.7, KDE Frameworks 5.90, Plasma Desktop 5.23.5, Applications 21.12.2, Qt 5.15.3, LLVM/Clang 13.0.0, systemd 249, Java 17 (and 18 beta, 19 dev), Calamares 3.2.39, binutils 2.37, GCC 11.2.

Also available in the repositories:
Alternative desktop environments like LXQt 1.0, Xfce 4.16, Gnome 41, MATE 1.26, Lumina 1.6.2, IceWM 2.9.5 or i3-wm 4.20. We have also added two new and interesting Qt-based shells like CuteFish 0.7 and Maui-shell.
In addition, the repository includes packages like Firefox 96.0.3, Thunderbird 91.5.1 Chromium browser stable 97 (and beta 98, dev 99), Virtualbox 6.1.32, OBS Studio 27.1.3, GIMP 2.10.30, Calligra Suite 3.2.1, FFMPEG 5.0;
Zypper as alternative package manager, PHP 8.1.2, numerous games, tools, development tools, educational software and more.


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